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Gravel-Blinduro Vysočina Arena

Nové Město na Moravě | 16° 3' 10.639" E 49° 34' 41.537" N
On-line registration until 08.08.2019

Gravel Blinduro wants to attract cyclists of all kinds. Mountain bikers, cyclocrossers, roadies, gran fondo cyclists, fixie riders. Riders ranging from professional to recreational cyclist. Shaved or hairy, we don't care.

Blind riding. No training. Track composed of timed sections and transfers at easy pace. Road and offroad stages. Nothing really tough for a racer, tough enough for a rookie to not forget soon.

Simple rules. Dropbars and helmet to everyone!]


Gravel & MTB Rallye Vysočine


I. General Provision

The official name of the race: Gravel & MTB Rallye Vysočina. Alternatively, and full-fledged it can be used as a name in association with the general partner and/or the year of happening. Hereinafter referred to as “race “.
The types of bikes for this race are: “gravel bike”, mountain bike and cyclocross bike.
The race is standing alone. The results from this race are not being counted into any overall standing of serial races.
The race is not following rules of any sport authority.
Gravel & MTB Rallye Vysočina is a partner race of Kolo pro život.

II. Date and place
One day race on 11.8.2019
The race will take place in Nové Město na Moravě in the area called Vysočina

III. Registration

Online entries for the race are submitted on specified the date set by the organizer on the online form at A new account can be created at
Online registration starts on 17.07.2019 and ends on 08.08.2019 at 12:00 in the morning.
Registration at the place of the race is possible 10.08.2019 from 8:00 up to 17:00 and 11.08.2019 between 8:00 and 8:30 in the morning.
Only properly registered racers with visibly attached racing numbers on their bikes are allowed to take place in the race.

IV. Fees and transfers

The starting fee when registering online is 500CZK or 20EUR.
The starting fee when registering at the place of the race is 700 CZK or 30EUR.
The starting fee when registering online is being paid by bank transfer or by credit card based on the information sent by organizer via email.
The starting fee when registering at the place of the race can be paid either in cash or by credit card.

V. Categories

The race is for the following categories:
Gravel Men 15-39 (men between the age 15 – 39 including years 1980-2004)
Gravel Men 40+ (men from the age of 40 including the years 1979 and older)
Gravel Women 15+ (women from the age of 15 including the years 2004 and older)
MTB Men 15 -39(men between the age 15 – 39 including years 1980-2004)
MTB Men 40+ (men from the age of 40 including the year 1979 and older)
MTB Women 15+ (women from the of 15 including the year of 2004 and older)

The decisive factor is the age reached in the year of the race.

The minimum registered competitors in order for the category to open is 3. If the number would be lower the competitors will be put into the next higher age category.

The competitors that are younger than 18 years old are required signed agreement by their parents or agents with their name, address, ID number and signature.

VI. Program

The organizer is entitled to change the program of the case if it is required by the circumstances. The organizer then informs the competitors about the changes before the start and/or through official communication channels.

Time plan
Saturday 10.08.2019
08-17:00 Presentation

Sunday 11.08.2019
08:00 – 08:30 Presentation
08:30- 08:45 Instructional meeting
09:00 Start
Approximately 15:00 Ceremony

VII. Rewards and ceremony
1. First 3 competitors will be given material prices
2. The ceremony will take place after the races are finished based on the time plan
3. If the competitor will not attend the ceremony, he is losing his right to the material price, the only exception is if it is medical reason.

VIII. Starting number and starting list
The organizer assigns the competitors starting numbers according to their discretion based on the division of competitors into individual categories and start groups.
The competitor will receive a start number plate attached to the handlebar during the race presentation.
The entered competitor can register to any starting group via the online system according to the organizer's instructions from 7.8. to 9.8. 2019.

IX. Course of the race
Competitors start in the race without prior knowledge of the track.

Training on the race track before the start of the race is prohibited.

The race consists of special stages (hereinafter referred to as SS) and unmeasured transfers. The organizer will announce the number of SSs to the competitors at the latest during the instruction meeting.

Transfers are used to move competitors from one goal to the next one. Competitors can move in groups, but always on their own without the use of outside help.

SSs are mainly run on forest paths, field roads and natural paths with diverse surfaces. The track is not extremely technically demanding. Transfers can be made on public roads.

The SS and transfers are located on a circuit about 50 km long, which the competitors take once.

The organizer may set a time limit for passing the course and inform the competitors about it before the start of the race. The countdown starts with the start of the competitor to the first SS and ends with the passage of the last SS. If a competitor exceeds a specified limit, the time above that limit will be added to the sum of the times from each SS. The Clerk of the Course has the right to extend the limit if more than 20% of the competitors exceed the original limit.

The course may start with a transfer or SS.

If the track starts with a transfer, the competitors will start by the organizer designated place in the groups according to the starting list. Every 10 minutes, a group of 10 racers is ranked according to their starting numbers.

Until the first transfer the competitors start from the place designated by the organizer in the groups according to the starting list. Every 10 minutes, a group of 10 racers is ranked according to their starting numbers.

Competitors start in individual SSs at intervals of 30-60 seconds on the order of the starter, in the order of their choice.

The race rank is determined by the sum of the times achieved by each competitor in each SS.

In case of force majeure, the organizer has the right to terminate the race prematurely. In order to determine the order, only the times achieved in the SS that all competitors have completed, except for those competitors who have retired for other reasons, will be counted.

The track is marked by stakeout tape, goals and directional signs. Such places of the track, where the regularity of the race requires the marking of obstacles or direction, must be marked with gates on both sides of the track, at corners at least on the inside. The competitor must bypass the front and rear wheel from the outside to determine the inside of the curve. Turns, obstacles and other points of the track marked with goals on both sides of the track, the competitor must pass both rounds between the goals. If a competitor is out of the track, he / she must return to the track at the nearest possible point and not endanger or restrict the opponent.

The competitor is obliged to adhere to the natural path or trail. The competitor is responsible for keeping the officially marked track and for being responsible for the mistakes made on the track.

Competitors of all categories will be on the same track.

Time measurement and results processing is provided by SportSoft using the contact chip technology SportIdent or similar.

X. Mandatory equipment

The bike must be driven solely by human power. The use of assisted bicycles is prohibited. The wheel must be equipped with independent and functional brakes on the front and back wheels. It is forbidden to use metal tips protruding from the surface of the tires. The bike must be in perfect technical condition. The organizer is entitled to check the technical competence of the bike at any time during the race. A competitor may only use one bicycle at a time during the race, without exchanging any parts except the inner tubes and tires. Repairs of damaged wheel parts and equipment are provided by the competitor himself or with the help of a neutral depot mechanic. Everything is needed by the competitor himself for the whole race. The competitor may not receive any technical assistance outside the official neutral service zone during the race, except the help from the neutral depot mechanic.

Competitor may only use one bicycle at a time during the race, without exchanging any parts except the inner tubes and the tires. Repairs of damaged wheel parts and equipment are provided by the competitor himself. Everything that is needed for the race, the competitor needs to carry by himself during the whole race. The competitor may not receive any technical assistance outside the official neutral service zone during the race.

3.Mandatory equipment:
2.1. Cycling helmet

The competitor must wear a helmet attached and properly attached to the head when cycling throughout the race.

XI. Violation of rules and penalties

The competitor violates rules if:

1.1. in the case of an incorrect or incomplete application form.
1.2. in case of shortening of the route, passage of the gateway, and the use of other assistance, even
mechanical, except for a neutral depot.
1.3. in the case of gross and unsportsmanlike behaviour, especially against the official
representatives. Every participant should behave according to the principles of fair play, fairly,
considerate and do not endanger yourself or other competitors.
1.4. in case of non-observance of mandatory equipment, properly placed and correct starting number
and / or chip. Failure to comply with the mandatory equipment will result in disqualification from the race.
1.5. in case of use of prohibited doping substances (according to WADA regulations).
1.6. if he is assisted by another person in the form of technical assistance, pushing,
drawing, exchanging the whole round, to achieve its result

A competitor must respect the environment. It is forbidden to discard garbage outside the designated areas.
If a competitor withdraws for any reason from the race, he is obliged to report this fact to the organizer without delay.
It is forbidden to modify the form of the starting number table, to hide or remove sponsor logos and to place any other advertising labels on it. Violation of this regulation is punishable by race disqualification. The competitor is obliged to ensure that the start number is legible for the duration of the race. If the table is damaged during the races, the competitor is obliged to inform the organizer immediately.

Possibilities of punishing a competitor for breaking the rules:
5.1. verbal admonition
5.2. time penalty
5.3. disqualification

The clerk of the course decides on the manner of punishing the competitor. The race director or organizer informs the competitor about the award of the penalty.

A disqualified competitor is obliged to immediately withdraw from the race and leave the track. Ignoring the rules is not an excuse.

XII. Protests
Only the competitor concerned may make a claim for the results of the race at the clerk of the course, no later than half an hour before the start of the final ceremony. Later claims will not be considered.

XIII. Other Provisions

The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the regulations.

Changes and amendments to the regulations, information and results published through the organizer's official channels of communication are considered official.

Competitors participate in the race at their own risk. Participation in the race requires great mental and physical strain from competitors. The competitor should undergo a professional examination by a sports doctor before the race and know his / her current state of health. A competitor may not participate in a race if he / she is aware of an obstacle to his / her health due to his / her health risk.

Medical Assistance is provided by the Kolo pro Život Rescue System 211.

The race is under full traffic. Competitors are obliged to adhere to the traffic rules and to follow the organizer's instructions.

Competitors are advised to provide accident insurance.

Competitors are obliged to familiarize themselves with the race regulations, which they undertake to follow.

In co-operation with its suppliers, the organizer ensures free technical support during the race, so-called “neutral depot”.

The organizer, in cooperation with its suppliers, ensures free refreshments during the race.

The organizer does not provide accommodation for competitors. For contacts and information on accommodation capacities, visit the official channels of the organizer.

XIV. Organizer

Organizer: Kolo pro život, z.s., Na Florenci 1332/23, 110 00 Prague, ID: 03401707
Contact person: Zdeněk Pól, Phone: 725 928 450, Email:
Race Director: Michal Prokop
Official communication channels:

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