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About Czech Enduro Series

The format of the race Enduro could be shortly described as a combination of Special (measured) and Liaison (unmeasured) stages. The Special stages are predominantly downhill with short crossings and uphills. There might be natural or artificial obstacles on the track that will test physical and technical skills of every racer.
Bikers do not need to be afraid of downhill-like jumps or steep and hard
XC-like ramps. The main intention of the Enduro series organizers are riders having fun and experiencing first-rate biking. Our goal is not to provide an extreme gravity biking experience but more like a way that is approachable to as many bikers as possible.

That is why we arranged two basic categories : Race and Hobby where only technically not as demanding Special stages are included in the Hobby category.



The Basic concept of Enduro

Enduro can be described as a combination of technical and physical biking. It is ideal for universal bikers that prefer a combination of technical ride and endurance with no reflection of natural or climatic conditions. It combines the best from all three MTB disciplines: DH, XC and Marathon. Enduro also combines all MTB skills such as technique, strategy and deliberation.

The only thing a racer needs is their bike – it will not be the best XC bike or pure downhill bike but the one that can handle everything. Enduro is the most dynamic and most developing cycling discipline. This has been proved by creating and subsequent success of the Enduro World Series.
The word Enduro in connection with mountain bikes was used probably in 2003 for the first time when Fred Glo organized Tribe 10,000 race in Val D´Allos, which was recognized as a MTB Enduro race. Till then the term Enduro was connected with e. g. 6-day endure motorcycle races.

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