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Fox Enduro Race Morávka

Malá Morávka | 17° 18' 14.321" E 50° 2' 0.756" N
On-line registration until 18.08.2019

Fox Enduro Race Morávka

Enduro races in Kopřivná offer 5time trials + 1 prologue that links Malá Morávka with Karlov pod Pradědem. 3 timed sectors use and combine current tracks in bike park Kopřivná when one of them will get the racers into the valley next door called Karlov pod Pradědem. The next time trial is marked there in Myšák area. The tracks are various in length but they all have around 200 meters in elevation. The total distance of the race will be 25 kilometers.

Elite Czech biker Kamil Tatarkovič is in charge of building and marking of the track.
The base of the whole race is in Malá Morávka, Ski area Kopřivná pod Pradědem.

The race itself starts on Saturday 24th at 18:30 when the prologue will take part under artificial lighting on the ski route.
Start of the main event is on Sunday 25th at 09:00am in Ski Area Kopřivná pod Pradědem, Malá Morávka. Start into the first transfer will be from the area of start and finish right at the bottom station of the Ski Area Kopřivná lift. 

Roll call: Ski area Kopřivná pod Pradědem, bikepark Kopřivná

Saturday 24.8.2019 
Sunday 25.8. 2019

Starting fees:

Fees 15 years and more

from February: 25eur
until March: 30eur
on the spot: 38eur (*cash only)

Fees under 15 years

until February: 9eur
on the spot: 11eur (*cash only)


Race U21M 17-20 years
Race Elite 21-29 years
Race Men 30-39 years
Race Men 40 and more
Race U21W 17-20 years
Race Womens 21 and more

Hobby Men 15 and more
Hobby Womens 15 and more

Start: At 09:00 am

Finish: Ski area Kopřivná pod Pradědem, bikepark Kopřivná

Time limit: 3:40h for HOBBY, 4:30h for RACE

Refreshment station: Will be provided by Nutrend in the events base.

Service: ParkTool and Kastar tent in the base of the event.

Ceremony: 16:00 in the base of the race.

Compulsory supplies: helmet (we strongly recommend integral helmet/endure helmet allowed), spine guard or a backpack with a certified spine guard is compulsory. It is possible to only use your own bike and components which have to be carried around at all times. Help from others is not allowed.

The route to the races:

Praha – Hradec Králové – Moravská Třebová – Mohelnice – Uničov – Rýmařov – Malá Morávka
Brno – Olomouc – Šternberk – Rýmařov – Malá Morávka

Horský hotel Kopřivná or Pension Mája
Malá Morávka
554 273 152, 777 745 374

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